Icelandic Times - Issue 6, 2010
    The idea that Iceland might be a  winter travel destination is a new  concept in many people’s minds.  “What?” you are thinking to yourself,  “Isn’t it dark and cold, with snow  storms and wild weather?” Think  “exciting weather, invigorating  coolness, spectacular landscapes...  blissfully peaceful...and even cosy  romantic northern lights-watching  weather” and then you’ll get a picture  of all that awaits you in Iceland this  winter.  This issue focuses on South  Iceland and the myriad things to  do throughout the year, which are  easily accessible for day tours from  the capital. You will find more and  more accommodation and services  in Iceland open year round, making  Iceland a very attractive destination  for winter travel.  Be sure to check out our up-todate  information from Iceland´s  Civil Defence about the state of  the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and the  surrounding areas that were affected  by Iceland´s most recent eruption.  So whether you are contemplating  a short hop over to Reykjavik for  some weekend holiday fun, or you’re  planning a longer summer tour to  catch the midnight sun, we wish you  a safe and pleasant journey.  Goða ferð! (Have a good trip!)
Icelandic Times - Issue 6, 2010 Greinar

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