Icelandic Times - Issue 7. 2011
The beginning of a new year brought with it many changes to the Icelandic Times. A new design, complemented by better paper will, hopefully bring you a much brighter and enjoyable publication.
We are also introducing a number of new features to make it easier for you to get the most out of the magazine. Along with changes to the printing, you will also find changes to the online magazine that we hope will, over the next few months, become an increasingly invaluable resource for tourists, travel agents, tour operators and, in fact,
anyone interesting in learning about this unique country.
As we make these technical changes, we are also taking the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technological developments. One of these is the QR code you will find at the end of each article that enables smartphone users with freely downloadable scanner applications to make immediate contact directly witt he organisation featured in
the article.
Icelandic Times - Issue 7. 2011 Greinar

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