Icelandic Times - Issue 8. 2011
Welcome to this new edition of the Icelandic Times - our largest yet. It is packed with ideas, information, history and culture from the moment you land at the airport.
This edition focuses on the West of Iceland. That includes the Reykjanes peninsula on which the airport is located,the capital, Reykjavik and all the towns around the bays below the West Fjords.
Reykjanes is one of the most popular areas for tours and justifiably so, as there is so much of interest there. Its coastline is wild and extreme in winter, with bountiful fishing but summer brings a completely different face to the peninsula.
A whole section of Reykjavik has recently undergone a major transformation. Down by the harbour you will find a group of fishermen’s sheds that have been transformed into a bustling cultural community, with restaurants, shops and interesting events.
Icelandic Times - Issue 8. 2011 Greinar

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