Icelandic Times issue - 10. 2011
Autumn is here. It comes with force to drive summer out. Powerful winds,rains and storms batter the trees, shredding the leaves in preparation for winter. It’s not all wild weather though, as this is the time you will see the most beautiful rainbows arch across the landscape. The dark clouds add a depth to the colours which are, themselves,changing with the season. The sun brings a richness and brilliance to the land.
Cultural activities come to the fore. Outside in summer months, now they are found in the theatres, museums, concert halls and restaurants - and many a home, too, as friendships deepen and are cemented.
Long summer days turn to dark nights but this only provides a better backdrop to the spectacular Northern Lights that sweep across the sky.
Once again, Iceland morphs into another,very different, country. It’s a good time to visit and share it. Enjoy it with us.
Icelandic Times issue - 10. 2011 Greinar

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