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Sjosigling:Sjósigling's Icelandic Bird Museum and Restaurant When you take a whale-watching trip, you cannot help but notice the number of birds that swoop and swirl around. So many different varieties, too. Getting close to them is quite another matter, though. Sjósigling, who have been running successful whale-watching trips from Reykjavik's Old Harbour for some years decided, on seeing how popular the birdlife is with visitors, to create one of the most unusual and effective museums to present the birds for everyone--adults and children alike--to see close-up. What better way to see them without disturbing nesting or hatchlings? The concept has proven very popular, with whole families visiting and enjoying the presentation together. Fact-filled folders Visitors can follow each numbered bird in the displays using a folder containing a colour photo and thorough details of each one, such as its name in 12 different languages, the number of eggs each has, their size, wingspan and weight. The folder also shows their nesting locations, when their breeding period occurs, where the birds are to be found in both summer and winter, and numerous other details. Feed your mind--not the birds The museum has over a hundred stuffed birds presented in brightly-lit displays along with nests, eggs and young. So effective is the taxidermy and the variety of poses that one could be forgiven for thinking the birds had just been frozen in time. As a natural history museum, this beautiful and
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