26. May 2015
Making of a Nation - Heritage and History in Iceland
Making of a Nation - Heritage and History in Iceland The Permanent Exhibition at the museum takes you on a journey through time, wending its way through the centuries from the Settlement Period right up to the present. Nearly 1,200 years of Iceland’s history is divided into 7 periods of time, presented in chronological order and is vividly portrayed by a collection of some 2,000 historical objects and 1,000 photographs throughout. The exhibition starts with the arrival of Settlers to Iceland by boat and ends at a modern-day luggage conveyor belt from Keflavik Airport, loaded with memorabilia from each decade of the last century.
The National Museum has a collection of over forty historic buildings scattered around Iceland which are under its care and protection. In South Iceland one of the best preserved turf buildings is the ancient farm Keldur in Rangarvellir, which is mentioned in Njall’s Saga, and is easily accessible in the summer. See more here
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