18. June 2015
Iceland’s most famous outlaw now has a home
A Legend comes to Life
Fjalla-Eyvindur (Eyvindur of the Mountains) was an Icelandic outlaw in the eighteenth century whose story is a well-known legend among Icelanders. For almost forty years, he managed to survive in the harsh surroundings and difficult conditions of Iceland’s wilderness and his amazing cunning to tackle the forces of nature and abilities to both find and preserve food, earned him respect and popularity among his contemporaries. Into the wild Eyvindarstofa, situated at Blönduós on the north west coast of Iceland, is an exciting stop dedicated to the lifespan of this rather remarkable character. The story of Fjalla-Eyvindur is presented through photographs and written material and this summer, there will be a short theatrical performance depicting his life. For groups, a special menu has been put together using the cream of Iceland’s crop, such as fresh salmon, slowly cooked lamb on the bone and a divine blend of rye-bread and rhubarb.
Fjalla-Eyvindur was known for his craftmanship and the crockery at Eyvindarstofa is designed in the manner of his handiwork. The feel of his stay in the wilderness also comes across in the beautiful interiors that simulate wild nature. See more here
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