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When you land at the International airport in Keflavik, you are just 45 min from the capital—and you’ll no doubt want to be getting there as soon as you can, so you can get checked in and begin enjoying your holiday. Time is precious—but so is money, so you will probably want to save both from the start.
Iceland Excursions-Gray Line Iceland runs a very efficient Airport Express shuttle service in comfortable coaches that leave at regular intervals after each flight. Not only do you get a smooth trip directly to your hotel or guesthouse, but you get an idea of things to see.
There is a lot of history on the peninsula—not to mention so many wildlife and geological attractions that you’ll have to come back here to discover.
On the left is the glittering ocean whilst to the right are the vast lava field, mountains and volcanos. You’ll see the plumes of steam rising up from the world-famous Blue Lagoon - one place you definitely need to visit.
After you have been safely delivered to your hotel, you might wonder what would be the best way to see these sights that are so unusual that your friends will think you Photoshopped your holiday pictures. There are many tours you can take but the area you’ve just passed through is one of the most worthwhile to explore more fully.
Iceland wasn’t called ‘Europe’s best kept secret’ for nothing! Experienced guides bring the tours to life, sharing fascinating history, anecdotes, folk tales and even scientific background and try to make each trip personal for every traveller.

This is one reason that Iceland Excursions-Gray Line Iceland offers guided tours to the area that take in all the fascinating sights and special attractions only found here such as the bridge between the continents at the junction of the tectonic plates. Iceland is a geologically young land and it’s still stretching its muscles—as you’ll see here.
The country you’re visiting is still on fire in the basement, despite the lunar landscape, a result of old volcanic eruptions. There are still boiling mud pools, hot spots where steam rises freely from the waters, painting the surrounding rocks in surreal colours.
Visitors are increasingly recognising the value of the tours to these areas and there are two different tours available that cover the same ground. One (AH17) leaves at 9 am, after a pick-up from your hotel and includes time to bathe in the Blue Lagoon. The second tour (AH16) also goes to the Blue Lagoon, leaving at 1 pm, which doesn’t allow time for bathing but includes all the same sights in this part of the Reykjanes peninsula. With a history going back to the earliest settlers, there is much to see and experience. The tour makes a short stop at the harbour of the fishing town of Grindavík, just 5 mins from the Blue Lagoon before heading off to the geothermal area at Seltún, with it bubbling, boiling mud pools.
On its return to Reykjavik, the tour also passes through the lunar landscape at Krýsuvík. You don’t need an Apollo flight to feel what the moon must be like! From there, the tour stops at Kleifarvatn lake, where bubbles stream up from fissures on the bottom, through the rocks and sand. This is a popular spot for divers and hikers. A quick check of YouTube videos will show why!
The third tour, (AH19), leaving at 8 am, takes you around the northern and western parts of the peninsula, visiting Sandgerði and taking in the marine sights, such as the island of Eldey, weather permitting. There are very few spots in the world to see the tectonic plates splitting. At Sandvík, you’ll be able to stand on two continents. The brightly coloured landscape offers a great variety of possibilities for the photographer.
The tour ends at the Blue Lagoon, where you can bathe, continue with the AH16 tour, take a bus to the airport to catch your flight home or one to Reykjavik directly. This flexibility makes it a popular choice - as does a last tour before going to the airport and heading home.

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