French cooking is alive and well at Café Sumarlína in Fáskruðsfjörður
The French Connection
French cooking is alive and well at Café Sumarlína in Fáskruðsfjörður

In operation since 2002, Café Sumarlina on the Eastern Fjord of Fáskruðsfjörður is well known for their Belgian waffles with whipped cream and their sweet/savoury French crepes. Other specialities include creamed seafood on toast, a variety of pizzas, lamb fillet and cod dishes, to name a few. The café-restaurant sits just by the harbour on the fjord and on calm, sunny days, the view of the mountains surrounding the 15 km long fjord is spectacular.

Fáskruðfjörður has a rich history and is twinned with the French town of Gravellines near the Pas de Calais. Between 1800 and 1910, record numbers of French and Belgian fishermen arrived here to unload their catches, with around 5,000 men coming every year.

The town has taken on a project to rebuild and restore a number of important historical buildings that were used by the French fishermen. A luxury 4-star hotel is planned for the old hospital built in 1903, which includes the French consulate and doctors’ offices and will be ready for visitors in the spring of 2014.

A popular stop for French tourists, the French Museum of Fáskruðsfjörður is dedicated to the memory of thousands of French and Belgian sailors who played an important role in the history of the area.

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