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Travel in Touch
Rent an iPad from Trawire to guide your travels, business or conference in Iceland.
Iceland is very well connected. 2G mobile coverage covers the whole country and 3G reaches towns, villages, most coastal areas and some of the interior. There are Wi-Fi hotspots in practically every inhabited spot.
Now you can stay in touch with friends and family and up-to-date with news or business. Trawire has launched an innovative iPad rental plan to help you get the most from your visit. As you travel within Iceland, you receive GPS-based guidance, information and/or articles with built-in Apps.
Trawire offers several add-on features, such as a children’s package with videos and games to help time pass quickly while travelling. The iPad can be attached to the back of the seat in front.
The business pack is ideal for conference attendees and business travellers who want to travel light. Trawire provides all needed applications to keep updated on business developments, news and contacts at home and help organise events and schedules while visiting Iceland.
Order a Trawire iPad online and it can be waiting for you upon arrival or collected at chosen locations.
Trawire was inspired by gifted, autistic children who function better in the modern-world using iPads. Trawire's policy is to ‘give back’ by sponsoring autistic children.

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