Real Chocolate!
Real Chocolate!
Once you have tasted the real thing, you’ll never want to go back

Nestled in the oldest house in Reykjavik sits the greatest temptation to a sweet tooth. Built originally as a factory for workers to produce desperately needed goods, today it provides a service to the taste buds. Here you will find Hafliði’s creations and you will quickly understand why so few ever reach a visitor’s home country untouched. This is temptation at its best. In any of the world’s supermarkets, you will find chocolate of all kinds—except the real handmade variety. Hafliði not only makes delicious truffles with a variety of delicious fillings but he also makes a number of unique chocolate varieties—and I really do mean unique.

Caviar never tasted so good

For instance, when you buy canned fish or caviar, you’ll usually find it sold in an oval or round tin. In the Aðalstræti boutique, you’ll find similar oval tins—but the contents have nothing to do with the sea. Reminiscent only of caviar by their ball shape, the contents are a special chocolate mix in dark, milk or white chocolate.

Eruptions of flavour
Iceland is famous—or notorious—for its volcanos and here, on the shelves, you will find a range of different flavoured and filled chocolate volcanos, aptly named after their geological name-sakes, but with an explosion of flavour rather than fire. That sounds pretty violent but it’s actually more of an adventure into the world of the senses that simply doesn’t exist in supermarket chocolate.

Gifts of love

Here, you become the connoisseur of both the subtle and the extremes of taste. It’s one of those times best shared with those closest to you. For such moments, Hafliði has the ideal gift: a set of rich, red hearts filled with a seductive flavour that will make the time memorable.

Step into the world of chocolate

Shopping for chocolate in this special house is an experience in itself. Here, you get to see different elements of the chocolate-making process and get a sense of what is involved in bringing you Hafliði’s final creations. It’s an easy place to find. There’s a square right at the end of Reykjavík’s main shopping street in the centre of town, and it’s on the far side, Aðalstræti 10.

Háholt 13-15 • Mosfellsbær
+354 566 6145

Háaleitisbraut 58-60 • 108 Reykjavík
+354 566 614

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