Ásólfsskáli Farm Holidays
Embraced by Summer’s Light
Ásólfsskáli Farm Holidays

Let the magic of Iceland's midsummer night envelope you here in the foothills of the Eyafjöll mountains on Iceland’s south coast. Just minutes away from Skógar Folk Museum and the famous waterfalls of Skógarfoss to the east and Seljalandsfoss to the west, a stay at Ásólfsskáli Farm will give you a chance to renew your batteries and take advantage of the therapeutic surroundings.

Award-winning retreat

Ásólfskáli Farm won the 2011 award for being the best kept farm in Rangárthing-eystra county and the honour is wholly fitting for this neat and tidy dairy farm that opened its doors to travellers in 1991.
The large property includes two self-contained cottages that can sleep 5-6 people each and come complete with jacuzzi and gas barbecue on the deck, making it an ideal retreat in a perfect picture postcard setting. Visitors are welcome to watch the milking of Ásólfsskáli’s 50 cows and take short hikes into the foothills along marked trails in the beautiful Holtsárgljúlfur Canyon, which is just a stone’s throw from the cottages. Trout fishing, goose hunting in the autumn and horse riding in the neighbourhood are other possibilities.

Swim on the hillside

Seljavallalaug geothermal swimming pool lies 10km east of the farm, built into a hillside and into which natural hot water flows. The 9 metre-long pool, built in 1923, was a resounding success and considered to be quite an achievement in its time. There is a short 15 minute walk from the carpark to the pool and rustic changing rooms at the site. Don’t forget to bring a towel! The captivating scenery surrounding the pool is serene and enchanting.

Are you up for an adventure?
From Ásólfsskáli Farm you can book jeep tours to the famous Eyafjallajökull glacier with SouthCoast Adventure as well as exciting ATV (all terrrain vehicles) and snowmobile tours to the glacier with Arcanum.

Open year round, Ásólfsskáli Farm is located 2 kms from Route 1, via Road 246, 35 km east of the nearest town of Hvolsvöllur and 45 km from Vík.

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