Focus on Fashion at Kraum
Focus on Fashion at Kraum
Icelandic designers are developing fashion for men and women

Iceland is a country with inspiration is its blood. It pours out through an ever increasing number of talented designs for everything from the humble pancake pan to the latest developments in  fish skin to make top quality men and women’s shoes. When Kraum opened in the renovated oldest building in Reykjavik, a group of just 30 designers presented their ideas. Their number has swelled to more than 300 from all over the country and the range of products has multiplied in like manner.

Designed with Men in mind
Women’s clothing and accessories found a natural home in the shop but the latest development is for men’s designer clothing to join them. Starting with a range of shirts, named after the ravens of Norse god, Odinn, they look really stylish. A range of pants complements them, making an ideal ensemble for business or partying.

A Mecca for the unique
The Vikings were renowned for their engineering and craftsmanship skills. That heritage has not just been passed down to their descendents, but amplified over the years so that the range of unique ideas and designs, skillfully using both common and unusual materials in totally new ways, is unsurpassed. Whether it is living jewellery or a stool that is a light or a shaggy lambskin seat, a butterfly formed by the play of light and shadow or a pair of fishskin shoes, it is immediately obvious that it is the work of a thoughtful, inspired designer, creating something never otherwise found in our mass-produced world. If you are looking for a memorable gift for someone special, the choice from over 300 designers may seem a little overwhelming but the way the shop is laid out, it is easy and quick to find what you’re looking for—or even find something you didn’t know you were looking for which fits the bill more precisely than you could have hoped. Shipping is no problem. Being designer products, they are designed to be easily shipped. Kraum will handle the shipping for you if you’re too heavily laden to take it with your flight. If you forgot something, it is easy to order from their website, too.

Finding Kraum
Look for the oldest building in Reykjavik and you will find Kraum. Originally built by the Icelandic reformer, Skúli Magnússon, as a factory to produce goods for his needy countrymen, it is found by Ingólfstorg, the square down a little way from the Post Office.

Aðalstræti 10 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 517 7797


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