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Art to Enjoy and Own at Gallerí List
Art to Enjoy and Own
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Art is a major part of Icelandic culture. There are probably more artists, musicians, writers and poets per capita than in any other country. Walk into almost any house or business and there will usually be at least one work of art hanging there, as many of those who are not artists themselves tend to be collectors or patrons.
Gallerí List is the longest running and most successful art house in town.  Since 1987 and, under its current owner, Gunnar Helgason, it has gone from strength to strength. A few years ago, a move was made to its current and larger home a to accommodate their growing collection, and growing reputation as the leading art house in the city. Gunnar was able to completely redesign the interior and its lighting to best present each picture. With its high ceilings, large works can now be displayed in the best ambience.

The Gallerí is currently housed in the spacious ground floor of Skipholt 50a, an elegant modern round house, just a stone’s throw from Reykjavik’s main street, Laugavegur. Exquisitely lit in a sweeping open space design, Gallerí List showcases the cream of Icelandic artistic talent.
The works of between sixty and eighty Icelandic artists are on display at any given time. With all the major media represented, from graphics, watercolours, oil paintings and acrylics to ceramics, porcelain and glass, the art afficionado can experience the full wealth of Icelandic artistry under one roof. 

In addition, the Gallerí also holds a monthly exhibition devoted to either new or established Icelandic talent. Gunnar says that variety is the spice of life and, in the case of Galleríi List, it seems to be a successful route, as well. “I think one of the keys to our longevity in a competitive world is the diversity of our collections. We pride ourselves on our wide customer base with something to suit all artistic tastes”, he says. The same philosophy extends to the price tags, and of course is professional packaging and international shipping available upon request.

From the expert art collector to the more modest, but conscientious gift shopper, there something unique for everyone at Galleri List.

Gallerí List

Skipholti 50A • 105 Reykjavík
+354 581 4020


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