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Superb Views and Food at Langaholt
Superb Views and Food
Let Your Senses Imbibe the Spirit of Snæfellsnes at Langaholt

Whether you rent a car, ride a bike or take the bus, spending a day in the middle of all the sites of interest on the Snæfellsnes peninsula will leave you both refreshed and inspired by the beauty of the nature and the tranquility with which it refreshes your spirit.
Langaholt is a 20-room guesthouse with a campsite, golf course and restaurant, with probably the best view of the Snæfells mountain and glacier from the beach by the campsite. This is a great place to come for a weekend getaway, to spend a night or two enjoying the Icelandic countryside, eat a delicious meal or few and enjoy both the natural and historical sites of the area, which are no doubt very different from any other country you’ve visited! Speaking of meals, this is a restaurant with a top chef who wants you to enjoy a wholesome meal, not a fancy work of art but you will get good-sized portions that will fill that hole left from a busy day’s exploring. A number of the vegetables and spices are grown in their own gardens and you won’t find food that comes from outside the area. With its proximity to the sea, you would be surprised if seafood wasn’t on the menu.  If you arrive for a good lunch, there is a choice of fish or vegetable soup, fish of the day and fish stew. The deserts are that delicious chocolate cake or waffles with whipped cream, caramel sauce and mint—something you must try!
For dinner, starters include fish soup, vegetable soup, trout marinated in dill, or mussels - these as a starter or main course. Other main courses could be fish stew, catfish with ginger and soya, cod steak fried in butter with rose pepper, basil and sun-dried tomatoes or lamb with red wine sauce. The menu varies depending on the availability of the fresh ingredients.
For desert, there are pancakes or chocolate cake and there is a good selection of red or white wines.
After a satisfying meal, you might be forgiven for booking a room and enjoying a good night’s sleep before exploring the area some more. Take a walk outside and look at the glacier. With your left ear, you’ll hear the relaxing sound of the surf, whilst in your right, the whispers of waterfalls. Swirling around you are the many varieties of birds like the arctic terns and the different gulls. You can watch the clouds rolling over the mountain peaks while you play a round of golf or set up your tent on the campsite.


Ytri-Garðar • 356 Snæfellsbær
+354 435 6789

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