Greinasafni: Hótel og gisting
Step Back in Time - Hótel Flatey
Step Back in Time
A stay in Hotel Flatey is a trip into the life of the past
It seems that time stopped about a century ago when you get off the Baldur ferry in Flatey. Life is slow here, far from the frenetic pace of most of the world’s cities. You feel a wave of peace and calm flow over your spirit as you walk past small coloured cottages, with the sheep grazing just outside their doors.
Was there life before the Internet? Here, there is freedom from the tyranny of email and the web—and it’s a real relief. The world goes on and you really miss very little of it. It seems out of place to even have a laptop or mobile phone here. The island of Flatey is the largest of the thousands of islands in the mystical Breiðafjörður Bay. It has been inhabited since the days of the Settlement. This small community has a rich history. It had it’s own church and doctor and it’s library held a treasury of old manuscripts. The library still stands today behind the church and has been an inspiration for authors, musicians and artists for centuries.

The Hotel with a History
Hótel Flatey started life as a ‘pakkhús’, or warehouse for the goods brought by large sail boats that moored in the natural harbour. Today, it has 11 rooms, consisting of 1 large family room, 3 suites and 7 double rooms for the many visitors who want to spend a little more time on the island. The rooms retain the style of the past, complete with magazines from the early 1960’s.
It’s popular with photographers for the rich birdlife and interesting landscapes on the island. Many of the birds are unafraid and approach the house, day and night. The restaurant has been used for many purposes: It began life as a warehouse, then a meeting house, a radio communication house, young people’s association, gym and theatre. It is still used for music concerts of every genre, especially on the weekends.
Downstairs, there used to be a salt storage and a place for tanning sheep skins. Now converted to a bar - the Salt Bar, you’ll be reminded of your childhood with seats from the old school, the wooden vaulting box and benches from the old church. It’s full of character and good drinks.

A Summertime Special
The hotel opens at the end of May and closes at the end of August. Nowadays, only the two farming families stay on the island throughout the year.  They still collect bird eggs, including puffin eggs and farm the sheep on the island.

Hótel Flatey
Flatey • 345 Flatey
+354 555 7788

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