Come out to play at Skemmtigarðurinn
Come out to play
The Activity Parks in Gufunes and Smáralind provide hours of fun

Through play, children learn to understand the world, relate to each other and develop skills. Adults who keep in touch with the child inside and play all their lives will always be a step ahead of others.
The activity park in Gufunes and its sister park in Smáralind Mall provide an opportunity for fun and amusement. Gufunes is a former settlement. In the early days of Iceland there was a harbour there where goods were traded. The pirate ship watching over the park could just as well have docked there centuries ago.  Because the staff are experts in event management, the park is ideal for orienteering. They can create games that will promote team building, sharpen your attention and help develop resourcefulness. The park also offers mini golf, laser tag and paintball.  In Ketill’s  hut, where the settler Ketill Gufa is remembered, food and refreshments are offered.

Joy is the key to a long life
It is said that laughter strengthens the heart and is the key to good health and there is  plenty to go around in Smáralind Park. The park is a small world full of fun and exciting challenges with over 100 games offered: bumper cars, a sledgehammer that spins you 14 metres in the air, a drop tower and arcade games which provide a challenge for people of all ages. The first 7D motion theatre on earth takes participants into the world of animation during which they can affect the film’s outcome.
Open from early afternoon till late evening,    you can spend time in the various attractions, watch live sports, play pool or darts or try to set a new record in the games in the arcade hall. If it’s competition you want, grab a scorecard and create your own competition with your friends.

Food nurtures the soul

If you are hungry, the Forest Snack offers treats such as candy floss, ice cream, popcorn and soda. For those who prefer something more substantial, try the Fun Café on the second floor. The best thing about amusement parks is the atmosphere of excitement and romance that lets us nurture the child within.


Hagasmára 1 • 201 Kópavogi
+354 534 1900

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