Alkemia at Lake Mývatn
Invigorate Yourself in Another World 
Alkemia’s trips are an art of living—a deep experience of encountering nature.
Alkemia is the first travel agency to specialise in wellbeing holidays in the Mývatn area and in organising workshops (Qi gong, yoga, meditations, massage, etc.) in the heart of the elements in Iceland.

Alkemia at Lake Mývatn
A stay at Lake Mývatn is an immersion in a very powerful primeval natural environment, where man has developed and maintained traditions such as baking bread on the hot ground, fishing below the ice, etc. The Mývatn region offers an incredible diversity within a limited area, so there is no need for long trips by car.
Alkemia stays there in any season. Depending on the time of year and the prevalent conditions, you can trek with snowshoes, cross-country skis or on foot and, if the weather prevents you going out, you can take advantage of the opportunity to meet the local people and learn of their age-old traditions. Without doubt, every outing provides an opportunity to discover the rich and subtle features of the lake area: its legends, culture and culinary traditions such as peat-smoked trout or lamb, and many others just waiting to be discovered.
Alkemia’s Philosophy:
Alkemia’s guides love to take time (« slow travel ») to feel, encounter and explore hidden places off the beaten track. The hikes depend both on the weather and the inspiration of your guides. They may be gentle or energetic, mysterious or dazzling, but they will always finish in the evening with a wonderful relaxing bath in the milky blue silica-rich water of natural hot springs (between 37° and 42° C). To bathe like this in winter under the starry sky, the body warm as toast, and the head in the cool air, virtually alone in the midst of an immense natural landscape is an unforgettable experience, which has become an essential for some. This is a form of thalassotherapy at the origins of time. The immensity of the landscape, the low density of the population, the quality of the water, air, silence and light make Mývatn a perfect place to recharge one’s batteries.

Harpa and Jean-Marc, the founders, like to accompany people into the sacred dimension of nature, they have a sensibility and respect for the ‘unseen world’—and a solid knowledge of the material one. Encountering nature is, for them, first and foremost the encountering of your own nature. Join them on a trip to a surreal world!

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