Something old and new with Reykjavík Excursions
Something old and new
Reykjavík Excursion
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How to get to know a country when you are only here for a week or two? It’s a dilemma which many people solve by taking advantage of the tours to the major places of interest.

Don’t forget the home base

In Iceland, there is simply so much that you will never find anywhere else that it can seem a little overwhelming. To give you a good foundation and start to your holiday, it’s a good idea to look at the capital itself. Here, there is much to see and do - but you could waste a lot of time wandering.
Reykjavik Excursions has two tours that give you a perspective of not only the capital, but the country itself, which will help you make the most of your stay. These are fascinating tours that encompass history, nature, the main attractions and popular spots.

Reykjavik Grand Excursion

An afternoon tour, 3 hours long, this begins with a pick-up at your hotel. Reykjavik is not a large city, nonetheless, it can take awhile to both get your bearings and make your way from one spot to another. On a tour like this, you don’t want to be stuck in a bus, just gawking at the sites; you want to experience them. So this tour uses the bus to quickly get you from site to site, with a guide using the opportunity to give you an insight into the many varied aspects of the life and history of the city.  It’s a fascinating tour, filled with anecdotes, folk tales, fun facts and history. In this short time, you get an appreciation for much of the town and what it contains, so you can then more knowledgeably use your stay.
You visit the key landmarks, such as Hallgrímskirkja and The Pearl, overlooking the city, Reykjavik City Hall and the University of Iceland. It also delves into the unusual, such as Höfði House, where the famous meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev took place in 1986, Elliðaár river and Laugardalur valley. The tour finishes in time for you to choose where you would like to eat your evening meal. By then, you will have had the opportunity to build up quite a photo collection. It’s a popular tour that runs every day of the week.

A Sense of Reykjavik
Between Thursdays and Saturdays, there is also a 3-hour early evening tour that uncovers more of the history of the capital - past and living,  taking you first of all to Seltjarnarnes where you can see how close to nature Reykjavik is. This is especially of interest to bird lovers, but everyone will find the variety of both the birdlife and flora to be quite amazing both in a country so far north and less than 10 minutes from the city centre, where the tour moves to next. Taking advantage of the warm, light summer evenings, you stroll through parts of the town that even long-time residents may have missed. Having grown from a small fishing village, the old and the new mingle together, fascinating galleries next to enticing restaurants - at two of which you pop in to try their delicacies. You quickly get an appreciation for both Icelandic culture and the international variety that makes up the city today. You see the old preserved and renovated to fill new roles. Nowhere is this more evident than at the oldest house in Reykjavik and the old harbour, where the bright green, former fishermen’s huts have found a whole range of new purposes, from jewellery workshops to gift shops to Viking speciality stores to bustling restaurants and cafés. This is a popular spot you will doubtless want to revisit.  These tours give you such a good overview of the capital in all its aspects that you will have a list to follow up on by the time the tour returns you to your hotel. You’ll just be left wondering how to fit everything in—which is why so many make return trips to discover more.

Reykjavik Excursions
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