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Caving with Laugarvatn Adventure
Down Into the Depths
Caving with Laugarvatn Adventure

The mouth of Gjábakkahellir cave leads down to rocky paths hollowed out by lava flows that pushed through earth, forming the cave’s smooth and polished walls near Laugarvatn, the town within the Golden Circle.
All Laugarvatn Adventure guides have had over a decade of experience in caving and can navigate through almost any of these caves. Tours vary in difficulty from Gjábakkahellir’s relatively gentle descent, to Tintron’s vertical drop accessible only by abseiling down a rope. Lauagarvatn Adventure’s three cave tours let visitors safely delve into the depths with the help of guides who are professional cavers and are active members of the Icelandic Search and Rescue Team. Children over five can go on some of the easier tours, while adults tackle the challenge of rock climbing on Thingvellir’s craggy cliffs or crawling through a small hole at the opening of ‘Litli Björn’ cave. Tours are offered daily from May through August with a two person minimum necessary for departure.

Laugarvatn Adventure
Háholti 2c • 840 Laugarvatni
+354 862 5614

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