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Fine Dining, Classic Taste at Einar Ben
Fine Dining, Classic Taste
 Dine in style at Einar Ben, in downtown Reykjavík
In this day of fast food and tasteless eating, it is a good to know that there are restaurants where their motive is to give you a dining experience you will think back on with contentment. Einar Ben is one of those select few restaurants that has been able to maintain the delicate balance of class, comfort and top-rate food that inspires customers to return.

A Classic Cal
Upon entering the dining room on the second floor of this century-old gentry’s townhouse, it is easy to see why Einar Ben has become a part of Reykjavik’s culture. The interiors are elegantly decorated, honouring the building’s rich history and, when walking around the restaurant, you feel you’re passing through a home, rather than a garish or bare and minimalistic dining hall.  The restaurant is, in fact, the former home of one of Iceland’s greatest heroes, after whom it is named. Einar Ben was a poet and pioneer who personified the dreams and ambitions of Icelanders in the early 20th century.You’ll barely notice the quiet, professional, yet friendly staff who seem to take pride in catering to their visitors, as opposed to rushing in and out as many paying customers as possible in one night.

Dishes Designed to Delight the Palate
Philip Harrison, Einar Ben’s English chef, takes great pride in only using the freshest Icelandic ingredients. “Our dishes are based on the classics: fish and lamb. We’re proud of our menu and have no interest in following trends which would ultimately compromise what Einar Ben stands for. The menu’s subtitle of ‘pure Icelandic’ refers to its ingredients, whereas the dishes are also based on French and Danish traditions. We pride ourselves on healthy portions and hearty sauces”, says owner Jóhann.
For starters, we were treated to a delicious langoustine and pumpkin soup, which set the mood for what was to come. The Arctic char served with a celeriac pureé, mashed potatoes and spinach confirmed that Jóhann’s claims of Einar Ben’s seafood expertise were not exaggerated—truly exquisite. The lamb loin served with crushed potatoes and parsnip pureé was cooked to perfection and shows what he means when he says that Icelandic lamb is the best in the world when cooked correctly. The skyr and ice cream desserts are not to be missed: true delicacies made with unique Icelandic ingredients, including freshly picked blueberries and rhubarb. Innovation is a key ingredient in Einar Ben’s menu, which is revised regularly to introduce new twists to the classic dishes, so you can be assured of a fresh presentation each time you dine there.

Relax at the Red Bar
Whether you’re looking for a place to start a night out on the town or relaxing after a delicious meal, the Red Bar on the third floor offers a quiet atmosphere and comfortable ambience.

Einar Ben
Veltusund 1  •  101 Reykjavik
+354 511 5090

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