Life of Whales
Life of Whales
Watch whales, porpoises and dolphins from the ‘Andrea’   

Whales and humans coexist harmoniously in Faxaflói bay in these first sunny days of summer. The whales have been playing and enjoying riding along Life of Whales’ ship ‘Andrea’, while the humans enjoy the view of these magnificent animals.  The whales by the shores of Iceland, are without a doubt, some of the most spectacular sights Iceland has to offer. Four types of whales live in Faxaflói bay, which makes them quite accessible from Reykjavík. Those species are: the Minke Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and Humpback Whales.

Tour the bay on a stable ship
Life of Whales is a small family company, which runs three tours a day from the old harbour in Reykjavík, each one lasting three hours. In addition to the whale watching, they visit the puffin islands in the bay, where one can easily see the peculiar puffin among other seabirds, hundreds and thousands of which have already nested in these islands. The ‘Andrea’ is the biggest whale watching ship in Iceland; thus it is very stable, comfortable and—most importantly—has excellent viewing decks, providing you with a great sailing experience. Guests can have a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate indoors or borrow a sweater to wear outdoors on colder days.

Notes from a guide’s diary
According to the guide’s diary to be found on Life of Whales website, the beginning of June was really exciting on the bay. One day, for example, a Minke whale stayed with the ship for awhile during a thick fog, a description one normally only encounters in mystic fairy tales! Another entry tells of some harbour porpoises competing with Minke whales to show off only ten metres from the ship in front of the eager human audience. Yet another entry tells of a playground of Minkes, a group of five staying a secure 60 metres distance from the ship, while a group of three others dared to come much closer, surfacing at the same time in the same direction. This same tour also witnessed some dolphins, mothers and calfs alike jumping out of the water and turning in the air. Whales are just like us humans, some of them are more suspicious, keeping their distance from the ship while others are more daring, playing along and perhaps even communicating with us!

Make your visit complete
Staring at the unbelievable sight of a whale surfacing from the sea is something one should not miss while staying in Iceland. On board the ‘Andrea’, you are provided with both the comfort and facilities to enjoy that experience to the fullest.

Life of Whales

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