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Iceland Excursion’s Tours bring you the country’s essence
Make Your Trip Memorable
Iceland Excursion’s Tours bring you the country’s essence

As you plan your holiday, you’re probably wondering how to do it all, see it all, enjoy it all and, when you come back, remember it all. That’s a lot to fit in but there are clear shortcuts to making it happen. Say you’d like to ride a horse, see the famous Icelandic sights and learn some history but not have the trouble of driving yourself. Among its many tours, Iceland Excursions has one tour that covers those criteria pretty well.
Starting with a pick up at your hotel around 9 am, this particular tour takes you out past Mosfellsbær to Laxnes Horse Farm, where a horse is selected to match your riding skills. After putting on helmets and riding gear, you’re off into the beautiful countryside for a two-hour ride. Run by Porí and his family, the Laxnes Horse Farm has built a reputation for safety and quality, with many famous celebrities riding there.
After a break for an optional lunch with a delicious soup and hot, fresh bread, the coach arrives for the remainder of the tour. Now that the roads are paved to the major sites, the coaches are the same modern luxury coaches found all across Europe.  This is where a tour beats driving yourself hands down! The guides are all highly trained and very knowledgable and make the most of the drive to point out things you would have otherwise missed or share an anecdote from history—both ancient and recent. This turns the tour into an enjoyable and memorable experience, allowing you to focus on taking photos to later jog your memory when sharing your experiences with your friends. These tours are certainly something you will want to share, too, as the combination of the nature, people and guide’s talks will leave you feeling as if you really know this part of the country, rather than having just seen it. I talked with a young couple who had rented a car to go sightseeing. When I told them about my experiences of taking a tour to where they had been, they were dismayed, feeling they had wasted their time and missed so much—and, in many respects, they had. Just as you wouldn’t ride a horse without the proper equipment, getting the most from your visit to Iceland really requires someone experienced to share their knowledge with you.

If you take a look at their website, you will notice Iceland Excursions’ professional approach to their tours. You can also read the reactions of others who have taken a tour. After all, if you are spending your time and money coming all the way to Iceland, you will doubtless want to make the most of it.
The gratifying thing about the tours is that they are not intrusive. They get you to the places you want to see, tell you all about the sights and history so that when you arrive, you are prepared to fully enjoy them and will know what you want to focus on. By taking the strain out of the driving, you arrive fresh at each place—and you do arrive—you don’t get lost!

A nice thing about Icelanders is that they sincerely want you to enjoy the country they love and get the most out of your visit. They want to share it all with you. You don’t feel disappointed or ripped off. On the contrary, you come away feeling you have lived your holiday to the full and are taking home very special memories. You will probably not have time to see everything in one holiday, but Iceland Excursions will be here to take you to other equally amazing destinations on your next trip. And you will want to return! You have but scratched the surface of an astounding country.

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