Baked to Perfection at Mosfellsbakarí
Baked to Perfection
30 Years supplying delicious hand-made baked goods at Mosfellsbakarí

Just over 30 years ago, a young couple worked together at a summer job in the Westman Islands. Later, they met again, working with the herring in the very east, in Seyðisfjörður. Love blossomed and Ragnar and Áslaug married. They decided to start a bakery in Mosfellsbær. They wanted it to provide a real service to the then tiny community, so they added some tables and chairs in the cosy atmosphere of the warm bakery, so people could sit and chat over a coffee and cookies. That thoughtfulness, along with their growing range of delicious breads, cakes and pastries made them very popular. Travellers from Reykjavik would stop off on their way north.

Chocolate Lovers
An opportunity presented itself to open a branch in the capital and this, too, was soon thriving. Its reputation was enhanced when Hafliði, Ragnar and Áslaug’s son, started making his chocolate creations. These are real chocolates in contrast to the mass-produced bars in supermarkets and you can just taste the quality! Is it any wonder, therefore, that a branch has recently opened in Reykjavik’s oldest house on Aðalstræti, specialising in these delicious delicacies?

The best of baking

Icelanders relish real, freshly-baked bread and pasties. Family events and parties always have a range of delicious cakes. Mosfellsbakarí is now celebrating its own 30th anniversary in each of its 3 shops: downtown in Reykjavik’s oldest house on Aðalstræti, in Háaleitisbraut and in Mosfellsbær. Their range of handmade breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and buns are so wholesome and delicious. In the latter two bakeries, there is also a delicatessen, showing their continued commitment to service and innovation. The original bakery in Mosfellsbær has moved to larger premises at the shopping centre but it still retains its comfortable café, with more seating.

Start the day deliciously
Whether you are on a day trip or travelling around the country, stopping off at one of the bakeries will certainly give you a good start—and a good opportunity to stock up on delicious lunches, snacks and coffee to fortify you. The glittering silver Italian machines offer a good reminder of just how good coffee can taste when made right. And those chocolates? You might not want to tell your friends or relatives. They are just too good!


Háholti 13-15 • 270 Mosfellsbæ
+354 566 6145

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