The Grindavík Experience
The Grindavík Experience
So Much More than Just the Blue Lagoon

All too few visitors to the famous Blue Lagoon realise that, just beyond the surrounding hills is a wonderland of geology and history—at the centre of which is the tranquil fishing town of Grindavík. Having survived extreme conditions throughout the centuries, the industrious people of Grindavík have now united to give their visitors a chance to get the full ‘Grindavík Experience.’

Unique Geology, Tranquility by the Sea
Sigurður Óli Hilmarsson, chairman of Grindavík Experience, says the initiative has exceeded most expectations, but the biggest reward is giving people a chance to experience the area which the people of Grindavík are so proud of. “The attractions here are really limitless, with a  history so rich that it would take days to recount. I myself have done some guiding in the area and found I could spend an entire day talking just about one particular cape, called Hópsnes, without anyone becoming even remotely bored,” says Sigurður.

Extreme Conditions
 Grindavík retains a special place in history  as one of Iceland’s prime locations for the production of salted cod. While present day Iceland has welcomed modern comforts and technology, it’s important to remember that until only a few decades ago this was one of the most inhospitable places imaginable. Extreme weather conditions, lack of vegetation, unforgiving tides, isolation, darkness, disease, famine, poverty and even pillaging pirates from Algeria are among the struggles that the people of Grindavík have had to deal with over the centuries and the only way out of these dire circumstances was through the salted cod.
With Grindavík Experience, visitors are now able to get a better sense of how history has moulded the nation of today. “Through this initiative we’ve been able to merge all these divergent sources of interest into one experience. As a result you can, for example, enjoy the lava fields and craters and learn about the many shipwrecks and ship rescues in the area. With their involvement in the project, smaller operators have been able to present their services on a much bigger scale, giving visitors a unique way of experiencing the area,” says Sigurður.

Geological Wonderland
The peninsula on which Grindavík is positioned is actually the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rising out of the Atlantic Ocean as a result of powerful underwater volcanic eruptions As you can imagine, the area is bursting with energy. The region is home to over 100 volcanic craters, over 200 lava tubes, lava fields, hot springs and much more. These phenomena have however been somewhat hidden and hard to reach, but via the Grindavík Experience, the area has been made easily accessible by walking tours, all-terrain vehicles, bus tours, bicycle tours and even on horseback. Signposts and paths have already been placed throughout the lavafields and historical sites and a new direct path from the Blue Lagoon to Grindavík is underway. A park guiding you through one hundred volcanic craters was established recently and the creation of a Geopark is in the works.
The Geopark concept is a collective venue where visitors can experience history, modernity, landscape, geology, cuisine, arts, crafts, flora and fauna of the area.


Víkurbraut 62 • 240 Grindavík
+354 420 1100

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