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Dining in the Old Town at Narfeyrarstofa
Dining in the Old Town
A meal in Narfeyrarstofa is a delicious trip back in time

The small fishing town of Stykkishólmur is home to a restaurant with excellent food, an extensive á la carte menu and an innovative chef who has worked in top international restaurants. In addition, the ambience takes you back to the early days of the last century, and its close connections to Denmark.
Narfeyrarstofa was converted into a restaurant in 2001 and quickly gained a reputation for such quality of food and service that royalty dined there. The current chef, Gunnar, received awards in Denmark for his deserts and, as a chocolatier par exellence, you may not want to leave after the main meal!
Situated next to the old church close to the harbour, it’s well placed to get the freshest seafood and this restaurant takes seafood to the next level. A group of visiting chefs from Norway rated the restaurant as the highlight of their trip to Iceland—praise indeed.
The menu, which can be viewed online, shows the emphasis placed on fresh, healthy food and each selection is named, with a brief explanation giving its history. It shows just how appetising the Icelandic food chest can be in the hands of a master chef.

Aðalgata 3 • 340 Stykkishólmur
+354 438 1119

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