A Class from the Past at Seyðisfjörður’s Hótel Aldan
A Class from the Past
Seyðisfjörður’s Hótel Aldan surrounds Guests with elegance

When arriving at one of the furthest points in East Iceland, surrounded by magnificent views, one can almost feel the sparks of creativity combined with the peacefulness the area has to offer. Known as something of a trendy place, musicians and artists from all over Iceland and abroad have been attracted to Seyðisfjörður’s flourishing cultural scene.

Starry Nights and Stellar Food
Seyðisfjörður’s Norwegian–style wooden houses, dating from early 20th century, make the village unique in Iceland. Hótel Aldan is located in two of those gems, divided into Hótel Aldan and Hótel Snæfell.
Hótel Aldan is in what used to be the bank of Seyðisfjörður for almost a century. Elegantly furnished with antiques imported from Denmark and soft furnishings from India, the bedrooms are the picture of gentle relaxation, especially when guests can cherish the starry night sky from the skylights above their beds.
 Several of the rooms boast adjoining sleeping quarters in a recessed alcove, which are sure to be a popular cosy nook for children. Immaculately clean rooms with quality linens and down duvets add a touch of luxury.
Hótel Aldan also houses the restaurant, a treasure on its own, where traditional lamb and langoustine dishes, as well as fresh fish from the fjord are featured. Many dishes are seasoned with herbs, handpicked from the mountains above the fjord every summer. Collected specially for the restaurant, these fragrant flowers and herbs give Hótel Aldan’s signature dishes their distinctive flair. The classy restaurant is perfect for a romantic autumn evening dinner in elegant surroundings on the edge of the world.

Hótel Snæfell, a more budget option, has total of nine rooms in a charming wooden house from 1908 located at the mouth of the Fjarðará River with views across the fjord. Recreational highlights include midnight kayaking (in summer only), attempting the challenging ‘Seven Peaks Hike’, mountain biking, sea angling and bird watching at Skálanes.

Hótel Aldan

Norðurgötu 2 • 710 Seyðisfirði
+354 472 1277

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