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Quality handcraft at the East Iceland Crossroads
The Entrance to the East
Quality handcraft at the East Iceland Crossroads
On the banks of Lagarfljót river located in East Iceland, we find the capital of the east, Egilsstaðir. With a population of just over two thousand people, the town of Egilsstaðir can trace its urbanization to a farmer who laid the groundwork for increased commerce and services by constructing a large residential building there at the start of the 20th century. The farmer was confident in his choice of land and predicted ‘the crossroads will be here’, which later proved true.

Magic Happens at the Crossroads
According to old Icelandic folklore, when coming to a crossroads, one should stop and envision what greatness lies ahead and by magic it will all come true. In the heart of Egilsstaðir, at the busiest crossroads in East Iceland, sits the enchanting Hús Handanna, known for its creative and quality handicraft from around East Iceland. The gallery specialises in selling and promoting East Icelandic quality design, both creative and skilfully made. Filled with some of the most intriguing designs that East Iceland has to offer, there is a wide selection of paintings, beautiful ceramic products, quality handcrafts made of reindeer skin, reindeer antlers and local woodwork.
While the majority of items come from East Iceland, some of the design work comes from other areas of the country. All beautifully designed and crafted, many items transcend the boundaries between memorabilia and art.
Local food delicacies from Austfirskar Krásir (East Iceland Delicacies) which oversees the production of local artisanal foods, is also featured at Hús Handanna. East Iceland Delicacies was founded in February 2009 in Egilsstaðir to reinforce the East Iceland food heritage and to combine the forces of those involved in local food production.

Snacking on Souvenirs
Souvenirs in the form of food are a relatively new feature in Iceland. Now every region has their specialities and the variety of those edible keepsakes grows daily. Hús Handanna has quite a few East Icelandic delicacies meant to tickle your taste buds or bring to loved ones for a delicious surprise.  Golden turnip, chutney with apricots and angelica are among these savoury bits and with Austfirskar Krásir offering a wide range of organically grown products, friends and family back home will be able to enjoy their pancakes with Icelandic birch syrup or rhubarb jam and cream while listening to stories about the native elves and trolls.
With attention on the excellence of their products, the gallery of Hús Handanna prides itself on nothing but the best for sale and show. An atmosphere of warmth and creativity welcomes its visitors, while the interiors, displays and installation of the products are expertly  done under the supervision of local designers.
Every month sees a special emphasis on one particular artist of the month—as well as the designer of the month—with special focus on their work and often special offers on their creation.
Hús Handanna shares their building with the local Tourist Information Centre, so after enjoying the arts and crafts, visitors are able to find useful information before heading towards another adventure.

Introducing local designers
Born in 1974, Ríkey graduated spring 2003 from the Haandarbejdes Fremmes Seminarium in Copenhagen, majoring in textile and embroidery. Since graduation she has been designing and working effectively on projects under her own name as well as co-designing a successful clothing line for boys, Húnihún. Ríkey started creating collars in 2006 with the idea of design which would combine both fashion and functionality.
Knowing that jackets and coats can often use a little pizazz, her beautiful designs around the neck can embellish and completely change an outfit. Inspired by lace and embroidered collars from the Romantic era, Ríkey believes that such mystic femininity adds a great touch to modern style fashion.

Handmade from the finest wool, sometimes mixed with mohair, silk or kashmir, the collars are often decorated with Ríkey’s old jewellery from her days travelling the world.
The main decor is recycled vintage lace doilies—usually crocheted or tatted, that the designer dyes, arranges and mixes with embroidery, gems and pearls, giving each and every collar a unique feel.

Partners Rósa & Zdenek
The longing to make a significantly positive difference, combined with an interest in design, led partners Rósa Valtingojer and Zdenek Patak together in Reykjavík 2006. Rósa, a textile and ceramic designer originally from East Iceland, introduced graphic designer, Zdenek, to her hometown in Stöðvarfjörður, where they now live and envision future locations for sustainable communities all over Iceland and worldwide.
Designing for, and running Mupimup! Recycled by Design, the couple’s design approach is focused on post-consumerism and recycling industrial waste. An example of their design made from recycled plastic bottles is a beautiful light called Crystalic Globe, Blossoming Flower or 42 PET. (PET referring to material widely used for plastic bottles). Created from forty-two, two litre plastic bottles, the lampshade is delicately woven into branches that are curled together forming whimsical leaves. The material is about 400 metres of hand-cut bottles which would take approximately 600 years to decompose in the ground. The inner construction is made out of plexiglass, industrial waste from plexiglass company Plexigler ehf.

Hús Handanna is definitely a place where magic happens! Welcome to the Entrance to the East! 

Hús Handanna
Miðvangur 1 • 700 Egilsstaðir
+354 471 2433
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