Taking the Westfjords with a tasteful touch
Dine with the Vikings
Taking the Westfjords with a tasteful touch

It’s an area that can be challenging to reach but those who take up the challenge win the rewards of some of the country’s most thrilling landscapes, spectacular views, fascinating legends and mystifying monsters.
EagleFjord travel service provides a comprehensive menu of tours to take in all tastes and top it off with terrific culinary possibilities. This is what retired sea captain, Jón Þórðarson has dreamed up. Whether you take his sea angling tour, catch and cook your own fish (or take them with you, to eat later), his ‘Gísli the Outlaw’ tour, with tales of tragedy told in dramatic form on the hills of his demise or any of his equally innovative tours, prepare for a day to remember.
You may have a little barbecue at home but Jón’s is about 5 metres long—and it travels on his boat, on the mountainside, wherever the food is to be cooked! Perhaps you would rather eat in the comfort of his dining room—only to find probably the most innovative dining table you’ve seen. Shaped in a ‘U’, it has a broad channel in the centre filled with water, with shells on the bottom! Food is ‘shipped’ to the diners in glass Viking boats, sailed down the channel.
No, this is no ordinary dining room, for here, you are dining in an art gallery of works by different artists, which are available to purchase.

Dalbraut 1 • 465 Bíldudalur
+354 894 1684

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