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The Heart of the Island - Brekka restaurant
The Heart of the Island
Island Cuisine at it’s Finest

If the way to people‘s hearts is through their food, then there is really no way to get closer to the heart of Hrísey Island than through the diverse Brekka Restaurant menu.
In an island of less than 200, the restaurant works as both a centre of culture and culinary delights. The house in which Brekka is operated is especially grand and, when it was built in the early 1930’s it was referred to as the Count’s Palace. It was transformed into a restaurant in the 1980’s and has since earned itself a place in the hearts of both visitors and nationals.
Elís Árnarsson, owner and chef, originally come to the island as an apprentice chef over twenty years ago and has since been unable to leave. “The island has a completely different tempo from anywhere else. Time seems to stand still here and we try to make Brekka reflect that,” says Elís.
Brekka is famous for its Galloway tenderloin steak, for which many make a special trip to the island. Because of its isolation, Hrísey serves as a breeding ground for the exquisite purebred Galloway cattle giving Brekka a unique opportunity to provide its customers with one of the finest products available. The chefs at Brekka obviously don’t have to go far to collect fresh sea products as the island is less than 8 square kilometres, surrounded by sea.
 Being a meeting-point of sorts, Brekka does not limit itself to fine gourmet culinary experiences, as it also provides a lighter and more family oriented setting, offering burgers, pizzas, and the like. Brekka also offers accommodation for visitors who are unable to escape the island’s charms.

Veitingahúsið Brekka
Brekkugata 5 • 630 Hrísey
+354 466 1751

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