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Dine with the Saddler at Kaffi Ilmur
Dine with the Saddler
One of the oldest houses in Akureyri has opened its doors for visitors

Built in 1906, in what is now the centre of Akureyri’s walking street, Kaffi Ilmur started out as a saddler’s shop. Later, it became a goldsmith’s, overlooking the fjord before the land was extended and more shops were built.
Today, after extensive restoration, the granddaughter of Ingimar, the saddler, has opened a café, enabling visitors to take a step back in time, surrounded by the original walls, pictures and furniture—as well as the novel use of the former flooring and roof and some of the artifacts excavated from the area.
With the healthy lunches served upstairs and the delicious snacks served with the drinks downstairs, this is a winning combination that is very attractive to customers. On warm days, you can sit outside at the tables, sheltered from any wind.
It’s easy to feel like you’re eating with Ingimar, back in the early 1900’s. It still feels like his home. The lunches are designed to be both wholesome and healthy, whilst the snacks are both traditional Icelandic favourites and fresh creations.
It’s a lovely spot to take a break from sightseeing or shopping while enjoying Eyjafjörður—the beautiful fjord in which Akureyri lies.

Kaffi Ilmur

Hafnarstræti 107b • 600 Akureyri
+354 571 6444

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