The Café in the Flowers - Café Björk
The Café in the Flowers
The newly opened café brings refreshment to the Botanical Gardens

This year is the centennial anniversary of the Akureyri’s Botanical Gardens. In June, a new café opened to provide food and drinks to visitors to this beautiful garden. Tall trees line the pathways, evidence that, even at such a high latitude, it is possible to grow here. The café reflects these lovely trees in its large picture windows on either side, the varnished brown wooden window frames forming trunks and branches.
These windows give a panoramic view of the gardens from the comfort of couches and chairs inside the café. Since it is open all year round, visitors can enjoy the changing seasons, whether sitting outside in the sunshine or inside, sheltered from the elements. A range of snacks and drinks are always available, making this a very enjoyable spot to meet, to relax or simply to take in the beauties of the plants and trees that surround it. Unlike most cafés that just have tables and chairs to sit at, there are two lounge areas with couches and arm chairs along with a low lounge table between them, making for a very congenial atmosphere. Even though set high on the hill above the town, close to the hospital and the church that stands as a landmark over the town, the gardens themselves are a tranquil spot, sheltered by the trees from the worst of the winter winds. However, there is nothing more welcoming than the lights of the café after wandering the paths of the garden and the prospect of a nice, hot drink and snack, relaxing with friends at one of the tables or lounge areas.
On the warm, sunny days though, you don’t really want to be inside and the café has a large patio where the tables and chairs are set so you can enjoy the ambience of the gardens, soak up the sun while enjoying your coffee and cakes. A display of large photos of different flowers forms an attractive wind-break and backdrop to your conversation.

Café Björk

Eyrarlandsvegi 30 • 600 Akureyri
+354 460 5600

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