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At Rub23 the chefs make sure to play with all your senses
At Last in Reykjavík!
At Rub23 the chefs make sure to play with all your senses

Rub23 has surely been the most talked about restaurant in Iceland over the last few years and is a regular destination for Icelanders travelling to Akureyri, where it opened in 2008.
Newly opened in Reykjavík, it is perfectly located in the basement of the Geysir House (where the Tourist Information Centre is to be found) with the interior of brick walls and ship-deck floors adding a mysterious feeling to the exotic atmosphere of unique spices; a promise of an extraordinary journey.
Rub23 plays on all the senses. Apart from smell and atmosphere, every dish is a piece of art; it looks colourful and sounds wonderful, sizzling and crackling on the plate and in the mouth. That may sound a bit outlandish—but it is, in fact, quite Icelandic with the most loved types of fish on the menu: cod, halibut, flounder, salmon and trout. The only thing left to do is choose the spice–blend—or rub—that most agrees with your palette. Do you wish to rub your taste buds with a sense of summer gardens, mountains and lakes, the Orient, the Americas or Africa today? And all without interfering with the taste of the fish caught and brought in earlier this morning.

The world is an herb and a spice oyster
For the renowned chefs, Einar Geirsson and Kristján Þórir Kristjánsson, it is not merely another day at work. Being a chef is their passion—their calling, if you like. They mix all the rubs themselves, constantly improvising and creating new and different spice–blends. Travelling widely around the world with the Icelandic fishing company, Samherji, to introduce the wonderfully fresh and tasty North Atlantic seafood, they are constantly on the lookout for different herbs and spices. At the Akureyri restaurant there is a room full of herbs and spices, gathered and imported from all over the world. The aim is perfection.
Of course you can also get rubbed meat: lamb, beef or chicken and then there is Sushi.

Icelandic sushi
Sushi was first introduced to Icelanders a very few years ago, but has caught on quite fast. Icelanders simply love this Japanese delicacy. The combination of fish, seaweed, wasabi, soy and rice seems to agree perfectly with the Icelandic taste buds. And of course, at Rub23, the chefs take the Sushi to quite another level, working with typically Nordic ingredients to create their own artistic bites. Even if you’re not keen on Sushi, be sure to try their Sushi–pizza. Made with marinated fresh arctic char, it will most surely proof to be the best pizza and best sushi–bite you have ever experienced. Indeed, if you are pressed for time, during lunch, for instance, step into Rub23 and have a Sushi–pizza and a glass of lovely chilled white wine. It is such a joyful experience.


Aðalstræti 2 • 101 Reykjavík
+ 354 553 5323

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