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Rub23 blends mixtures of herbs in an exotic fantasy
Flavour Festival in Akureyri
Rub23 blends mixtures of herbs in an exotic fantasy

From the moment the entrée is set on the table to the last bite of the meal, our taste buds are treated to flavours both brash and subtle, in combinations unheard of in the average restaurant.
Even in a single appetiser dish of salad, the different raw vegetables combined in different bites, mixed with herbs into what seemed like a fairground of flavour and aroma. Our main course was fresh salmon, caught locally and cooked to perfection in a choice of different herbs. The result was amazing. I have never tasted fish like this—and neither had my wife, born and raised by a salmon river.
The chefs are clearly passionate about their art and pour their energies into creating each plate to be the best it can be. The staff, too, obviously enjoy explaining not just the differences between the dishes but the whole concept of Rub23 and its method of blending herbs into the fish or meat.
While the portions are a good size, this is not a heavy meal and, in the unrushed comfort of the restaurant overlooking the blue waters of the fjord and the multicoloured mountains on its far side, there is time to savour every bite and enjoy each new flavour as it spreads over the tongue. This is healthy eating taken to an entirely new level. Apart from the fish and meats, everything presented was raw food, thus retaining all the freshness and living goodness. It proves that the raw food alternative can easily exceed traditionally prepared food in every area—taste, flavour, texture and health benefits, when prepared by someone who has a mastery of the blending of the different ingredients with the right spices and in the right combinations.
The name, Rub23 comes from a blend itself: the method of mixing spices with the fish or meat and the original address of the restaurant. Now, residents in Reykjavik and the south can find a Rub23 restaurant in the capital at Aðalstræti, thus avoiding the long drive to Akureyri for dinner.

Kaupvangsstræti 6 • 600 Akureyri
+354 462 2223

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