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Arctic Winters Conquered with Icelandic Adventures
Arctic Winters Conquered
Making the Most of Your Winter Vacation

Southerners in Iceland often jokingly bicker with northerners about which has the better weather in the summer, but few will contest that northerners have the better winters. Snow covered valleys, forlorn mountaintops, glacial rivers and unpredictable weather are what you can expect, but for newcomers, the Icelandic winters can appear quite intimidating and impenetrable and that’s where Akureyri’s Icelandic Adventures can be of help.
Ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, ATV tours and holiday festivities are among the activities available and Iceland Adventure can tailor–make your winter adventures according to your needs. If you’re in Iceland around the holidays it is an absolute must to inquire about their Christmas tours, which take you to unique Christmas houses, cosy home–stay hotels, holiday feasts and to visit the mischievous Icelandic Yule Lads in the ominous Dimmuborgir.
Taking a snowmobile or an ATV and driving to secluded northern valleys and up treacherous mountains is an experience not easily forgotten. There is a feeling of con­quering the unconquer­able and a brief separation from the often complicated modern world.
For those looking for a completely unique experience, a day of ice fishing should be considered. Icelandic Adventures can take you—by jeep, ATV, snowmobile or even by horse—to a frozen lake where you’ll make a hole and catch your meal for the night.
Icelandic Adventures offer skiers, both novice and experienced, full five–day ski trips on one of Iceland’s best ski slopes. The Northern Lights are of course a must–see and Icelandic Adventures will find you the optimal conditions and locations. But first and foremost, Icelandic Adventures aims to give their customers a personal experience which accommodates the often very different needs of travellers.

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