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A Family-friendly stay at Hrafnagil Farm Guesthouse
The Country Experience
A Family-friendly stay at Hrafnagil Farm Guesthouse

You’ll find the village of Hrafnagil just 12 km south of Akureyri in Eyjafjörður. The valley is protected on either side by steep mountains and provides rich farmland and lovely views all the way to the Arctic Sea.

A farm for families
You feel you’re in the depths of the countryside. It’s a beautiful place to stay and the guesthouse has the added benefit of being part of a working farm, so you’ll see horses outside the windows, sheep on the hills above, chickens in the yard and cows in the fields across the road, not to mention the cat and dogs. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about and enjoy farm life. There are cots, changing tables and safety gates in the house for the babies.

A traveller’s rest
The guesthouse is warm and spacious with comfortable beds and a delicious breakfast every morning. The 5 rooms are spacious and the largest bedroom, with 4 beds has plenty of room for families. There is a large lounge where you can read, write or watch the TV or surf the Internet.
Travellers of all ages we met here spoke very highly of their stay and of the thought and care that went into making them both welcome and comfortable. It’s a very convenient place to base from when travelling the North.

Gistihúsið Hrafnagili
Hrafnagil • 601 Akureyri
+354 463 1197

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