The Deep Valley in the North - In Eyjafjarðarsveit you can take part in the farm life
The Deep Valley in the North
In Eyjafjarðarsveit you can take part in the farm life

All is not always what it seems in Iceland. A town is not merely a town and the countryside is not either wilderness or farmland. The valley south of Akureyri in the north of Iceland is one of those areas difficult to define. It has the atmosphere of farmland, offers a variety of tourist attractions and activities any town would be proud of and accommodation ranging from camping sites to lovely hotels. The Eyjafjarðará river runs through this narrow valley, which is surprisingly long at about 50 kilometres. The farms are mostly located along the riverbank with the road crisscrossing the river via a number of bridges, making access to everything on offer to the tourist quick and easy.

Comfortable guesthouses
Eyjafjarðarsveit has, of course, an excellent outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs and fun slides, a lovely playground for youngsters, museums, cafés, an ice-cream factory with an ice cream bar, a vegetarian restaurant which also offers a raw food menu, horse rental farms, river-fishing and two golf courses.
When planning a holiday with your family and friends in Iceland, the many guesthouses in Eyjafjarðarsveit are a real treat. There is Brúnalaug Guesthouse, a bungalow situated 700 metres from the main road providing absolute peace and quiet. Further north is Öngulsstaðir, where the old barn has been renovated and now houses a tiny hotel where all rooms come with en suite bathrooms, and the lovely Lamb Inn restaurant. Nearby, is Hóll Guesthouse, an apartment with two double rooms and all necessary facilities and Uppsalir Guesthouse which can accommodate up to ten individuals. Uppsalir and Hrafnagil Guesthouse, 12 kilometres south of Akureyri, invite their guests to take part in their beautiful farm life, which is especially loved by city youngsters. Family–friendly Hrafnagil Guesthouse offers five large rooms and facilities for babies and children.
Then there is the Leifsstaðir, one of the loveliest hotels in Iceland. An hotel with a view, lovely verandas and its very own golf course.
Kátur is a Horse Rental at Kaupangs­bakkar, offering guided tours ranging from 1 to 3 hours, every day of the week from 8th June to 1st September each year. They also offer custom horseback riding trips for groups of any variety.

Raw food and farm ice cream

The real treat in Eyjafjarðarsveit has got to be Holtsel, offering their very own farmhouse ice cream, labelled Holtsels-Hnoss. The ice creams are made from cream, milk, yoghurt, full-fat, low-fat, non-fat and sorbets. Something delicious for everyone.
A short distance away is Kaffi Kú or Café Cow, a bar specialising in whisky along with a vast selection of beer and, of course, coffee and quite different cakes, like their liquorice cake. A truly original place.
The Silva vegetarian restaurant is steadily becoming one of the most popular raw food restaurants in Iceland, offering a good vegetarian and raw food menu, fresh shakes and juices.
When travelling in this area in late summer, try not to miss the handicrafts celebration held each year in August.
As you drive around Eyjafjarðarsveit, be sure to visit the various old churches in the area, each with its own special history and architecture.
And last, but not least, do not miss the Smámunasafnið, an original and fun museum containing one man’s collection of odd and everyday pieces. A day spent in Eyjafjarðarsveit is a day well spent.

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