East Greenland - an awesome wilderness
The extent of the Denmark Strait sea-ice reached a record high this past summer and it looked like we wouldn´t be able to reach the coast of Greenland as planned. Fortunately the ice cleared enough and we were able to sail out of Ísafjörður harbour with a group of enthusiastic explorers on July 29th.

Before long we were reaching under full sails, heading towards Greenland at a speed of 10-12 knots. We had planned to start our expedition in Nansen Fjord but it was packed full of ice so landfall was in one of our favourite spots in the magnificent Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord. This is one of the most spectacular areas in the Arctic with views of towering mountains and immense ice-filled tributary fjords. Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord is a region of Greenland that only a few hardy adventurers in the annals of Arctic exploration have ever deigned to challenge but one that we have studied and explored for many years. 

Soon after Aurora was safely anchored in Suhaili Bay, the group took to the kayaks to explore the vicinity. After only half an hour of paddling on the calm waters, they came across a young polar bear swimming in the sea. Watching in awe as this magnificent animal climbed out of the water and onto an iceberg, the bear then retreated to a nearby island.  Read more.

Photographing an Arctic fox in Hornvík, Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
You don´t have to be a super athlete to cruise on a sailboat along the Arctic Circle and hike the cliffs of Hornstrandir – what you need most of all is an adventurous spirit. This is our home-ground where we have been playing for decades and we are happy to share some of its secrets with you.

Hornstrandir is the kingdom of the Arctic fox and home to millions of birds. The unique island of Vigur provides sanctuary to colonies of Puffins, Eiders and Terns and the spectacular cliffs of Horn a haven for Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Fulmars. The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve has been uninhabited for more than 60 years and the only way to access this majestic preserve is by boat or on foot.

Here the expedition sailing yacht Aurora is our base-camp while we explore the area, hiking new routes each day and anchoring in magical locations every night. See further description for our six day  Hornstrandir Wild Life  and our four day Nature in Abundance.

Gaining altitude in Veiðileysufjörður Fjord
For seven seasons our most popular tours have been to the Jökulfirðir (Glacier Fjords) sailboat-skiing. These are fantastic expeditions into the wild landscapes of Hornstrandir where we ski all day and return back to Aurora for a well earned gourmet dinner and a good nights sleep each evening.

From the late winter conditions of mid March to the spring snow of late May, this trip offers something for everyone. From easy rolling hills and bowls to extremely steep and difficult couloirs, beginners or experts will take delight in this trip. See here for further description for our  Sailboat Skiing trips.

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