Icelandic Times Extra Information about Iceland at Your Fingertips
Icelandic Times Extra Information about Iceland at Your Fingertips
It took a volcano to bring Iceland to the centre stage in the eyes of the world. From being Europe’s Best Kept Secret, the country was suddenly thrust into the limelight, making Iceland a top tourist destination. Many thousands of people all over the world are seeking information about Iceland and the number of visitors is burgeoning.
This first issue of the Icelandic Times Extra introduces Iceland in all its facets. It provides a valuable resource of information that you can use to plan your trip and use as you travel. It answers those basic questions of where to stay, where to go, where to eat and what to do and buy. It contains a wealth of information about the country, its nature, culture, customs, history, recreational activities and lifestyle. You will be taken around the country, just as if you were driving from Reykjavík, visiting the towns and villages, with their museums, restaurants, hotels and camp sites, handcraft shops and galleries. Travelling through the countryside, the natural wonders are revealed, the birds and wildlife captured in spectacular photos by renowned expert, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson and the Northern Lights recorded by famed photographer, Olgeir Andrésson, making it a fascinating read for anyone interested in the Land of Fire and Ice.

The Life of the Seasons
This is a country that dramatically changes with the seasons. The spring brings the birds from all over the world and the bird watchers and photographers follow them. The summer brings golfers to play under the midnight sun; campers, hikers, and nature lovers to explore the countryside. Round the coast, whale- and seal-watching combine with enjoying sights like the puffin and fishing, whilst inland, horse-riding tours, glacier walks, mountaineering, riverrafting and bathing in geothermal pools vie for attention with the magnificent and unique natural wonders that are making Iceland such a thrilling place to visit. The autumn brings change as the sheep are gathered from the mountains and sorted by farm in the réttir – fast becoming a popular tourist attraction. The light and colours transform the landscape.
In winter, the ski slopes draw enthusiasts from many countries while the awesome Northern Lights fill the night skies, sometimes for hours on end. Hikers and mountaineers are rewarded by breathtaking
views in the silence and solitude of the snow-covered land away from the towns. Super-jeep tours take anyone, regardless of physical fitness, to the glaciers and peaks of the Highlands, which are especially spectacular during winter months.

The Life of the Night
The nightlife and restaurant scene in Iceland is legendary. Some of the best restaurants are found in little villages. Visitors find themselves welcomed and drawn into the enjoyment of the nights wherever they find themselves. Christmas and New Year bring ageold traditions and modern parties to life with displays that draw tourists from all over the world.

About the Icelandic Times
This, then, is Iceland and the Icelandic Times Extra will guide you through it, help you find out more information about any aspect that interests you and provide you with a comprehensive picture of this country that still holds many secrets for you to discover. It is updated on a bi-monthly basis on the Icelandic Times website, where you will also find much more information and videos about the country and its people. All this can be accessed easily on your smartphone using the QR codes that are included in the contact information throughout the book.
We hope you enjoy reading the book and it inspires you to experience what we love: Iceland in all its flavours.

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