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Grímsey: Relaxing Stay on the Arctic Circle
-Básar in Grímsey offers accommodation on Iceland’s northernmost Part
The northernmost part of Iceland is the tiny island of Grímsey, located some 41 kilometers (25 miles) off the shore from the mainland. Grímsey is an unforgettable place to visit, with its unique culture and majestic landscapes. The island is just under two square miles in size with a population of around 150.

Básar Guesthouse offers comfortable rooms and services during your stay in Grímsey and it doesn’t hurt that the guesthouse is positioned on the actual Arctic Circle, which gives you some pretty impressive boasting rights once you get home.

Básar is only a ten minute walk from the town and pier and has eight comfortable rooms on offer, either with made up beds or sleeping bags, with breakfast and other meals on order. There are a multitude of activities you can undertake during your stay at Básar. You can of course explore the whole island on foot in a few hours, which in itself is an extremely rewarding experience. Básar can arrange for a sailing trip around the island where you can view the steep cliffs which surround most of the island.

You can also try your luck in sea angling. The people of Grímsey are of course experienced fishermen and can give you some valuable fishing tips.The birdlife in Grímsey is especially colorful, with over 60 different species present during the summertime. An important part of Grímsey’s culture is egg picking during the spring, which of course is done with sustainability in mind.

The people of Grímsey are known to  be extremely friendly and welcoming, so expect to make some new friendsfrom the Arctic Circle. Though the population is small Grímsey doesn’t lack in services, as there is a grocery store, restaurant, craft shop, church and a swimming pool on the island.

Grímsey can be reach either by ferry departing from Dalvík three times a week or by airplane which departs from Akureyri three times a week during the winter time and daily during the summer. Básar is situated right next to the airport in Grímsey.

For booking at Básar contact 467- 3103

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