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Eagle Tours: Sea Monsters and Outlaws in Arnarfjörður
-EagleTours offer a wide variety of activities in one of Iceland’s most remote areas

In the many fjords of the Westfjords lies one of Iceland‘s most beautiful fjords, Arnarfjordur, where you can find the tiny fishing village Bíldudalur, which offers a seemingly endless range of activities and opportunities. EagleTours is a local tourist company which offers accommodation, various adventure tours, guided historical tours, theatre plays, sea angling, remote outdoor BBQ‘s and ice climbing to name a few. One of the more exciting tours is the four day all inclusive adventure tour, departing all year round, called The Surprises of the  West, which includes natural pools, exotic foods, staggering cliffs and many more surprises.

Bíldudalur is renowned for its tranquility and majestic mountain views. Some say that enormous sea monsters occupied the waters of Arnarfjörður at some point in time. A museum has been opened in town to enlighten visitor about these fearsome creatures, which the people of Bíldudalur call their friends. The people of Bíldudalur are famous for their friendly nature and free spirits, known to break out in a song at any given moment. A museum has been opened to celebrate the musical tradition of this tiny village of 150 inhabitants. Bíldudalur is accessible by plane and  EagleTours offers a drive and pick up to the local airport, which is just outside of town.

Fish on a Hook -Fish on a Plate
Sailing around Arnarfjörður is one of many activities EagleTours has on offer. As many of the locations in Arnarfjörður are impossible to get to by land, this offers an opportunity to set foot down where only a few people have ever been before. Sea angling is also very popular in  Arnarfjörður and EeagleTours offers various opportunities to catch and even cook some freshly caught haddock. Scheduled short tours depart  twice a week during the summertime, but  longer trips can be arranged on order(including pick up at the airport). It has proven popular to intertwine the various excursions EagleTours offers with a barbeque. With the assistance of EagleTours a remote and beautiful setting is chosen where a BBQ party  will be held. You can even cook your own catch of the day, giving true meaning to the saying: “Fish on a hook, fish on a plate.”

Historical Settings
One of Iceland’s most famous sagas, Gísla saga Súrssonar, takes place in the Westfjords around 1000 A.D. An epic tale of murder and  vengeance, which tells the tale of the hero and outlaw Gísli Súrsson, whose tragic fate is known by most Icelanders. EagleTours offers a unique chance to explore the story’s setting, as parts of  it took place in Arnarfjörður. The Gísli Súrsson History Tour includes a boat trip, where the homes of the monsters of Arnarfjörður are visited and a visit to homesteads and hideouts of the heroes of Gísla saga. In the summer of 2010 the tour will be complete with an on-site theatrical play detailing the story of Gísli Súrsson.

Optimal Ice Climbing Conditions
Arnarfjörður has one of the best conditions for ice climbing available, as the sun doesn’t shine on the southern mountains and valleys for several months, creating unique ice formations.

Fully Furnished Apartments
EagleTours offers accommodation in fully furnished apartments at reasonable prices, which include a kitchen, living room, bathroom with a shower, access to a washer and dryer  as well as internet connection. Theapartments come in various sizes, from two bedrooms up to seven.

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