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The Viking: A Piece of Iceland

For many the worst part about visiting Iceland is that eventually you‘ll have to leave. What better way to cherish the memories of an unforgettable trip than with unique Icelandic souvenirs? The Viking store offers a wide selection of items, ranging from decorative ornaments to full winter coats.

The Viking has been run by the same family for over fifty year and has recently been passed on to the third generation. Sigurður Guðmundsson, owner, says that The Viking has always put emphasis on offering quality products at fair prices. “I think it is safe  to say that we have one of the largest selections of souvenirs around. We want to offer our customers quality products, which they can cherish and remember Iceland by. Nobody should  leave Iceland without something warm and fuzzy to keep them warm when it gets cold, sparking the memories of their stay in Iceland,” says Sigurður.
After a visit to the Viking you won’t ever have to be cold again. There you can buy knitted wool sweaters, mittens and socks, winter coats, fur shoes and Icelandic design products.  For those who want to remember Iceland by in a more unusual way, why not buy a stuffed puffin to adorn your living room with?
The list of items is almost endless; key rings, statues, novelty items, heathen ornaments, baseball caps.  Be sure not to leave home without at least one book about Iceland, where you can reminisce about your stay with spectacular photographs of everything Iceland has to offer. Drop by at one of their stores and see for yourself.

You can find The Viking in both Laugarvegur 1 and Hafnarstræti 1 in Reykjavík and in Hafnarstræti in Akureyri.

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