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Icelandic Cinema

Despite it‘s relatively short lifetime the Icelandic cinema tradition is particularly strong. Iceland‘s cinema attendance per capita ranks up with the highest and the movie production rate especially formidable for a nation of less than 350 thousand. The Icelandic Film School plays an important role in Iceland’s cinema landscape and indeed has plans to change Iceland into a bona fide cinema heavyweight.

Looking for leaders
The school recently relocated to a new 37.000 square feet building and  is now undergoing a change which would allow it to graduate students at a university level. The Icelandic Film School is in the process of expanding it capacity up to 400 students and plans to open a department for international students in 2010. The school currently graduates students from four departments; directorial and production department, technology department, script writing and directorial department and acting department. „First and foremost we are looking for leaders, talented people who will drive this industry forward. It really doesn’t make that much of a difference from which department students graduate, our goal is to produce individuals who can take on almost any role within the film industry, “says Böðvar Bjarki  Pétursson, Director of Icelandic Film School.

Cinema Iceland
Böðvar says that he wanted to see if it were possible to take it to the next step and create 3000 new jobs by turning Iceland‘s cinema industry into sizeable portion of the country‘s gross domestic product. „After extensive research we concluded that this  would indeed be possible, but in order to that to happen we need to break through a certain growth ceiling. We need coordinated actions from the government, increased support for television production, we need to continue to attract foreign cinema investments and in due time establish an investment fund, „says Böðvar.

Böðvar says that the government has been quite supportive of the industry so far and Iceland has attracted several noted projects to its shores, including a Clint Eastwood directed war film and a recent James Bond film.
Blend of business and art
Böðvar claims that the cinema suits Icelanders especially well because it is a blend of arts and business. „Iceland has a rich history of storytelling and Icelanders are known for their business enthusiasm, which are key elements in the cinema industry. In addition we are a very technologically advanced nation and quick to adapt to new trends, “says Böðvar. The Icelandic Film School is currently in the process of completing an immense studio space, which is of a much larger scale than anything previously heard of in Iceland. The facilities will be equipped with all the latest technology required and supported by an audio recording studio next door.

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