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Kraum: Sizzling Designs
-Kraum offers unique design items by over 200 designers

The aptly named design shop Kraum offers an especially diverse selection of design products, ranging from small decorative ornaments, practical clothing to full sized furniture. The name represents the sizzling creativity within the almost 200 designers who contribute to Kraum’s selection. The one thing the products in Kraum have in common is that they all have a strong reference to Iceland’s history, culture and nature.

Icelandic designers are known to be very progressive and imaginative so expect each item to have a rich historical and cultural concept behind them. Just ask the friendly staff at Kraum about the items you like to give you the full concept behind the unique designs.

Many of the products are made from all Icelandic materials, including wool, fish skin, rocks from the beach or anything that can be used from Iceland‘s nature. One of those products is a special massage stone made out of rocks from the magical landscapes of Snæfellsnes, where Jules Verne once said the entrance to the center of the earth was located. An ideal present for major achievements is a silver Birki twig, which symbolizes the prosperity of Icelandic flora despite the harsh conditions in which it lives.

Wool products play an important role in the design of many of Kraum‘s contributors. Among the wool products you can find are the ever popular fuzzy chair, knitted neckties, modern designs of the Icelandic sweater and the ram‘s wool cap, which comes with knitted „horns.“ For the sinners out there, be sure to not leave home without the „Virtue quilt,“ which is based on the old Icelandic tradition of sewing desired virtues onto a quilt. One famous story tells of four priest‘s daughters who were each made to embroider virtues for their proposed marriages, but the youngest one couldn‘t be bothered to make one and thus her marriage failed tragically. The new virtue quilt comes with pre-embroidered virtues, which have been updated to accommodate the modern man.

Products made out of fish skin have also proven very popular, including clothes, chandeliers and various smaller items. Iceland‘s geology is well represented  in Kraum; check out the notepad which emulates the volcanic activity of Hekla and Askja, where each page of the notepad represents a particular layer of ash or lava with the year of the eruption indicated.

A good way to remember Iceland in the kitchen is a replica of Herðubreið Mountain which you put under a steaming saucepan or Iceland shaped ice cubes. Kraum is located in Aðalstræti 10, which is in fact the oldest house in Reykjavík and home to the first wool design house in the country. You can also find various exciting exhibitions within, both historical and design oriented. For those of you visiting over the holidays be sure not to miss the Christmas exhibition, where craft  designers display their incredible array of Christmas items.

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