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Kaldbaksferðir: Top of the World
-Kaldbaksferðir offers tours to the top of Kaldbakur mountain
Imagine standing on top of a 1,173 m (3800 feet) high mountain peak with a spectacular panoramic view overlooking the north of Iceland. Now imagine skiing down.

Tourist company Kaldbaksferðir offers outdoors tours by special snow cats to the peak of Kaldbakur, one of Icelands highest northern peaks. From the top of Kaldbakur passengers can enjoy the magnificent view and then choose to ski, snowboard, walk, sled or simply sit back and enjoy the ride down in the snow cat.

A New World
Sigurbjörn Höskuldsson, manager of Kaldbaksferðir, says that the snow cats offer everyone a chance to experience the awesome landscapes of the north. „Once we reach the top a completely new world opens up. The view stretches towards Langanes in the East, the Highlands in the south and Herðubreiðar mountains in the East. It is an experience most people won‘t regret living, even if you choose not to ski down. Not everyone has the chance to experience the sheer power of nature by standing on top of one of its most magnificent creations. Thats why we call it an outdoors excursion, instead of a skiing tour exclusively,“ says Sigurbjörn.

He says the skiing part isn‘t as difficult as the length of the slope might indicate, ut the total length of skiing comes to about six kilometers (3.7 miles). „This probably is Iceland‘s longest skiing slope, but that doesn‘t mean you have to do it all in one go. You can choose easier routes and rest in between and we can of course pick those up who get in over their heads, but that almost never happens,“ says Sigurbjörn.

The two snow cats can carry up to 52 passengers, but as they are open air, be sure to dress accordingly. Tours must be booked in advance.

For more information visit or phone +354 8673770.

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