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Born Again: A Unique Novelty in High Fashion
”Today we must change our minds about throwing valuable things away. Here we have the skin and first wool of a young lamb. Soft, gentle curls - a beautiful Icelandic product,” says Eggert Jóhannsson,The furrier,who is responsible for a new fashion product called BORN AGAIN.

BORN AGAIN is the result of experiments with special lambskin. These are skins from lambs that died in birth or shortly thereafter. This is material that previously would have been discarded but now has a purpose.

Approved by Left Green Party
Iceland’s Minister of Agriculture and member of the Left Green Party, Jón Bjarnason has applauded this novelty, which he says supports the environment by utilizing goods, which otherwise would have been discarded. The experiments were done more or less in order to find a new and valuable export item in times of local economic difficulties. This pioneering work is done in close cooperation with local farmers, skinners and tanners. The basic idea behind this is to create an entirely new skin material for use in high fashion.

Renowned furrier
After 30 years of creating beautiful garments, Eggert Jóhannsson has become one of the top professional furriers in the world, and his work is internationally acclaimed. Eggert is a member of the exclusive Purple Club  whose members are selected by high standards and custom design. Eggert received his training in England and in Sweden. His first training was  with Mr. Jack Marcel in London. Mr.Marcel was at that time considered to be an outstanding furrier. Later Eggert moved to Sweden where he studied with the Master Furrier Ms. Doris Stille. Her influence upon young Eggert Jóhannsson is still with him today. Ms. Stille told Eggert one day: “I cannot understand people who want to throw away natural resources and how that can benefit nature.” This has been Eggert´s professional motto ever since !
Ocean Leather
Eggert Feldskeri has become an international trendsetter in his field. His early work with fishskins, usually  thrown away in the fishing industry, -mostly skins of salmon, perch and cod,  were unique at the time, but are now known as Ocean Leather and widely used in high fashion. Eggert still works with Ocean Leather, but now mostly for colorful jackets and the trim of his fur creations.

Eggert Feldskeri
Skólavörðustígur 38
101 Reykjavík. Iceland

Tel. (+354) 551 1121
Fax (+354) 551 1355

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