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Iceland Excursions: Iceland’s Most Modern Car Fleet
-Iceland Excursions puts safety first

Iceland Excursions offers a wide variety of day tours and longer tours to all of Iceland‘s most exciting locations. The company takes great pride in offering its customers the most comfortable and safest experience possible by renewing their fleet regularly and now boasts of having the most modern fleet in Iceland. Iceland Excursions has a strong environmental policy, putting a strong emphasis on responsible driving and using the most eco-friendly vehicles available. In 2004 Iceland Excursions was given the formal Gray Line Worldwide franchise in Iceland. Gray Line is the worlds leader in sightseeing, ground transportation services and unique tours at over 150 destinations around the world.
Iceland Excursions operates several tours all year round to staple attractions, including, Gullfoss & Geysir Express, the Golden Circle Classic, Greater Area Reykjavík Sightseeing and Blue Lagoon Direct. Many of the tours can be combined to include two or more locations in one day. Iceland Excursions also offers exciting activity tours such as the cave exploring tour Iceland From Below, which takes you to Iceland’s most spectacular lava tube caves and craters. There you will enter through narrow cave entrances and find they reveal extraordinary scenery of colors and lava formations.

Snorkeling, Horseback riding and Snowmobiles
For those who want to try out their riding skills on the unique Icelandic Horse try The Viking Horse tours, which can be combined with either an afternoon trip to Gullfoss and Geysir or to the Blue Lagoon. Also a great activity before visiting the Blue Lagoon is an ATV tour on the Reykjanes peninsula on the ATV and Blue Lagoon Direct tour. As the landscapes of Iceland are often ill traversed, Icelanders have accumulated years of experience in jeep modifications and snowmobile driving. The Golden Circle Super Jeep Tour offers you a chance to visit some of Iceland‘s most famous and exciting natural phenomena in 4x4 super-jeeps, which have been specially modified to traverse difficult off-road tracks and mountain  roads. Included is a one hour snowmobile ride on Iceland‘s second largest glacier, Langjökull glacier. For a truly unforgettable experience be sure  not to miss diving or snorkeling in Silfra at Þingvellir. Silfra is a fissure in the face of the earth with a constant temperature of 1-3° all year round, so the weather is not a factor. Diving requires a diver’s certification, although diving in Silfra is considered quite easy. Snorkeling is available for beginners and basic training is included in the tour.

Celebrate the New Year with the Locals
Icelander‘s are renowned for their  excess when it comes to ringing in the new year. The fireworksdisplay is completely unique, where hundreds of tons of fireworks are shot up in the air in a matter of hours. The Bonfire and Fireworks tour offers you the chance to view this extraordinary event from an advantageous viewpoint, as well as toasting in Champagne and  celebrating with the locals.If you are visiting Iceland during  winter it would almost be a crime  to leave without at least tryingto see the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights Mystery tour gives you a unique chance  to see this often elusive phenomenon. On a clear night Iceland Excursion’s experienced guides will try to find the best location to see them, which will of course vary from day to day.

Each bus in Iceland Excursion’s fleet is equipped with a sophisticated location device, which keeps a detailed track of the vehicle’s driving record. This enables Iceland Excursions to monitor speed, turning, braking, acceleration and length of stops. With this data Iceland Excursions is able to advocate both safer and more environmentally  friendly driving.Iceland Excursions definitely puts safety first; every bus is equipped with safety belts for all passengers and parents can get Children’s Safety Car Seats free of charge for their small children (up to 20 kg in weight).

Iceland Excursions
Hafnarstræti 20
101 Reykjavík
+354 540 1313

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