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IcelandicTimes - Issue 1, November 2009

Congratulations for picking up the very first issue of Icelandic Times, a magazine which scrutinizes the best of what Iceland has to offer for our foreign visitors. Our aim is to give you a genuine insight into our culture, history, arts, geology, business, politics and whatever we consider Icelandic.

Much has been written about Iceland following the devastating crash of Iceland‘s banking system. While the Icelandic people are slowly recovering from the impact of the crisis, the Icelandic glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs pay little mind to those matters, which seem trivial in comparison to Iceland‘s geological history, which is plagued thousands of years of catastrophic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Iceland‘s majestic landscapes are a timeless reminder of how we often forget the things that are important. Try standing on top of a glacier, walking inside a volcano or gaze at the Northern Lights and see if your mind wanders to more trivial things.

Even though some Icelanders seemed to have lost sight of this larger scheme of things, most Icelanders are very much aware of nature‘s awesome powers and offer visitors unique opportunities to experience it. There are countless individuals and companies who have meticulously labored for years and decades towards making your stay more memorable. Hundreds of caves have been mapped out, dozens of jeeps have been modified, millions have been spent on logistics, mountain trails mapped out and thousands of sweaters have been knitted, just for you.

We hope you enjoy reading about these people and that our magazine will be helpful in making your stay more enjoyable.

Thank you

Einar Th Thosteinsson

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