Dine with the Northern Lights at Hótel Brú
Dine with the Northern Lights
A Popular Sightseeing Spot Comes with Dinner and a Place to Stay

Youʼll see Hótel Brú set back off the road as you drive down the side of Borgarfjörður Bay, just a short distance from the causeway bridge (or brú) that gives the hotel its name. For generations, this area has been a popular picnic and sightseeing spot and now, through the hotelʼs owner, Veigar Freyr Jökulsson, it has become one of the most popular restaurants serving a special fish buffet.

Restaurant by the Bay
Veigar is an experienced chef—and it shows. His fish buffet, prepared from locally-caught fish and fresh local ingredients is gaining rave reviews on travel sites as well as amongst the Icelanders. This is the kind of dinner that is worth driving out of town for. The fresh fish is fried with a mixture of vegetables and spices, creating a light, refreshing dinner. There is an extensive wine list to complement the meal, served in a quiet, relaxed manner that encourages a good digestion. The restaurant itself looks out onto the bay. It has comfortable, subdued lighting and candles at each table. Itʼs clear that the staff want you to enjoy your meal in this comfortable atmosphere.

Northern Light Dinner
This year, as the Northern Lights reach their peak, the opportunity to see them is better than ever—if you are in the right place. As you can see from the pictures here, Hótel Brú is definitely one of those ‘rightʼ places.
On a cold, clear evening, without city lights to distract, the view is beautiful. The Northern Lights can be seen clearly both outside and from the bedrooms. In fact, if you wish, the hotel runs a service to notify guests staying there of the appearance of the Lights in the night. You can let the staff know if you have any limits to when you can be disturbed but, for some, this has been the only time they have seen them during their visit to Iceland, so itʼs an option well-liked by guests. The hotel has recently been renovated and so those beds are very inviting—but then, so is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Northern Lights. This is a time to wrap up warmly, turn off your flash and open your camera shutter. You will be amazed at the quality of the photos you can take home with you—not to mention the memory of the experience.

The Hotel

Hótel Brú is a country hotel, warm and welcoming on a cold night, with hot drinks and a bar to warm you up. It has 8 rooms with privated bathrooms and 8 with shared bathrooms. Each of the ground floor rooms has both a private bathroom and entrance and all the rooms have free Internet access. The rooms are charming and snug with comfy furniture. A hearty breakfast welcomes guests in the morning in the restaurant or out on the lovely balcony overlooking the bay on the one side and sheltered by the mountain range on the other. From here, you can see all the way to the famed Snæfellsjökull when the weather is clear—which it is very often, to the surprise of some guests. In the winter months, if you have a later start from Reykjavik on your way north, being only 65 km from the capital, it makes a very convenient place to dine, watch the Northern Lights and turn in for a good, comfortable nightʼs sleep, before continuing your journey. It is only a few minutes away from a rich and fascinating history, with many of the countryʼs famous figures having lived and left their mark in the vicinity.
Itʼs great to be able to base in a place that you know you can come back at the end of a dayʼs exploring or enjoying the areaʼs activities to a delicious dinner and the possibility of an eveningʼs ethereal entertainment in the heavens.

Hótel Brú

Hafnarskógur • 311 Borgarbyggð
+354 437 2345

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