Cakes, Cookies and Chocolates to Celebrate Christmas with Mosfellsbakarí
Cakes, Cookies and Chocolates
Celebrate Christmas with Mosfellsbakarí

One of the major highlights of the year, when families strive to be together more than at any other time is, of course, Christmas. Advent builds up the excitement for the children as the day draws closer.
Then, like a tidal wave of family fun, the celebrations begin. Tables, lit with candles, are laden with delicious pastries, cakes and cookies, savoury delicacies on different kinds of bread to tantalise the taste buds. They don’t last long! Then, in the lounge, the chocolates appear. Little wonder so many look forward to this time of year!
At Mosfellsbakarí, Hafliði, the International Chocolate Ambassador, brings out his latest handmade creations alongside the old favourites. The ‘golfballsʼ - looking like the real thing but made with white chocolate covering a delicious filling. Now, the volcanos – each totally different, named after one of Iceland’s famous volcanoes but with exquisite taste and appearance. Those tins look as if they’re caviar—and the little chocolate balls inside look like it but certainly don’t taste like it. The pralines, a long-time favourite, each filled with a different filling, coming also in beautifully packed boxes, a welcome gift to any chocolate lover.
The bakeries – at Háaleitisbraut and the shopping centre in Mosfellsbær – are laden with delicious breads, pastries, sandwiches and much more almost every day of the year, but Christmas is special. Here come the rich fruit English Christmas cakes and Stollen bread, the delicate, crispy laufabrauð, the decorated biscuit houses and all the delights that make the Christmas meals distinctive. The decorated candles, also, take on a new meaning at this time of year.
If you relish this time of love and giving, you’ll feel right at home in the bakeries. It’s as if Hollywood’s Christmas classics are being played out here. The smell of freshly baked bread draws you in. You feel like a child again. The shelves are packed with crisp loaves, with pastries, cakes and everything that brings back happy memories. You have time for a hot chocolate or coffee together, enjoying one another’s company in the comfortable couches or chairs, surrounded by the warmth of the Christmas displays. Which pastry or biscuits to choose is oh, so hard—and those chocolates, well they would never last till Christmas Day, would they? You’ll just have to get some more closer to the date!

Háholt 13-15 • 270 Mosfellsbæ
+354 566 6145

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